Top jobs trending in Canada

Top jobs trending in Canada. Check out the top trending jobs to notice what employers are examining in 2022.

Job numbers are growing in Canada. 2021 saw stable increases in employment and that direction is expected to persist well into 2022. But the geography of trending jobs in Canada may vary from what job seekers shared before the pandemic. Industries with significant change include the service sector, technology, and health care, but some of the best positions in Canada for 2022 are those that can help businesses in numerous industries.

Top 10 Jobs in Canada for 2022

1. key account manager

2. developer

3. marketing manager

4. registered nurse

5. driver

6. customer service rep

7. welder

8. engineer

9. accountant

10. cloud architect

key account managerTop jobs trending in Canada

Key account managers are tasked with always unlocking the revenue possibility of a business’s most important customers. They tend to work with big clients or those that represent strategic alliances for the company.

Top jobs trending in Canada

In a competitive, lean mid- and post-pandemic market, key account managers are required to support ongoing business wins. Their ability to close deals, form lasting associations and provide high-quality sales and client service efforts helps businesses support their most profitable clients, even during unprecedented times.


As businesses depend increasingly on technical explanations, developers are in high need. This is one of the top jobs in part because businesses of all types and sizes require developers to make app answers, develop or maintain in-house software or help enforce cloud or other technologies.

Top jobs trending in Canada

One of the tasks learned during COVID-19 lockdowns in current years was that technology could make or break a business. Companies that seamlessly transitioned into small work conditions often managed better. Add to that the growing need to rely on data and industrialization to stay competitive, and it’s no surprise so many businesses are on the search for experienced developers.

Registered nurseTop jobs trending in Canada

Top jobs trending in Canada

Healthcare employees overall are in order, so if you’re in this sector, there’s likely a job portal for you. But when it comes to the best jobs in 2022, reported nurses to make the list for better than job protection. Registered nurses can enjoy competitive pay, fantastic usefulness, and the joy of providing stoic care that may save lives.

According to our pay data, registered nurses earn an average of $38.14 an hour, and that doesn’t necessarily include rewards and bonuses—a growing trend due to nanny shortages caused by the pandemic. Registered nurses willing to work in more pastoral areas or parts may be able to make even more.

DriverTop jobs trending in Canada

Top jobs trending in Canada

As the economy surges in development years following the pandemic, obtaining raw materials, customer goods and people where they require to be has evolved an enormous step. When it comes to trending jobs, driver positions are absolutely in play.

This covers a wide assortment of positions. Whether you have the certificates to operate large commercial vehicles or the detail-oriented nature demanded for local deliveries, chances are you can see an open place to reach.

Customer service representativeTop jobs trending in Canada

As service-sector businesses heal and develop after the pandemic, client service agent jobs are likely to grow too. But what many businesses have seen in recent years is that high-quality CSRs are still important—during trying times, consumers need to understand they can reach out to somebody who is able and ready to assist them.

Whether you love the sometimes wild nature of face-to-face client service or you have the contact and problem-solving skills to stone email, chat, or telephone-based customer service, companies are examining hiring people with your industry and skill groups.

AccountantTop jobs trending in Canada

Managing finances properly is increasingly important to company success. On top of increasing regulatory needs in a variety of sectors, the lean calls mean businesses simply can’t afford monetary mistakes.

Many are shifting to in-house and contract accountants to deliver answers. CPAs and other professional analysis professionals can hope to find job options across the nation and possible job change in impending years.

HR manager

Growing job numbers mean more workers for businesses. That increases the load on human help professionals, which can cause businesses to hire more people to listen to employee needs.

Canadian businesses are also examining hiring HR experts to help ensure compliance with labor laws, increase employee confidence, reduce turnover and climb up both staff and skills to help future development.

IT project manager

For individuals with various tech knowledge and a penchant for problem-solving, IT undertaking management may be one of the best jobs to view. People in these roles typically handle tasks such as creating and overseeing implementation projects, steering tech efforts for continuous improvement projects, or delivering frameworks and leadership for dev industries.

Tech businesses often hire IT project managers to serve as support plans for clients executing their solutions. You’ll also find these kinds of positions listed in both perm and contract options by a variety of organizations and businesses of all dimensions.

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