Top 10 jobs in Canada

Top 10 jobs in Canada, The Indeed Editorial Team includes a diverse and competent team of writers, students, and subject matter specialists prepared with Indeed’s data and wisdom to provide useful tips to help navigate your career trip.

. In this commentary, we list 26 of the top jobs in Canada along with the primary duties and intermediate salaries for each one.

Top 10 jobs in Canada

The right job for you should fit your personal interests and dreams. Here are the top jobs 10 jobs in Canada, including lucrative career prospects that pay well and have a combination of openings. Counting on your skills, you can view:

 Mechanical engineerjobs in Canada

Primary duties: mechanical engineers are experts who design, test, and refine mechanical devices and systems. Their primary duties contain conducting investigations about mechanical methods, creating operational plans, and cooperating with a design or manufacturing team. They may also inspect and improve mechanical tools.

physiotherapistjobs in Canada

Primary duties: a physiotherapist is a healthcare specialist who assists patients develop or regain motion and strength. They often work with patients with disabilities or those who have encountered an injury, illness, or surgery. Their duties contain making a treatment plan for personal patients, assisting patients with exercises and treatments, and assessing patients’ progress.

Aerospace engineerjobs in Canada

Primary duties: aerospace engineers are experts who design a new airplane, containing airplanes, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. Their primary obligations are creating programs, testing projects, and refining designs for new aircraft. They may also create prototypes to guarantee they function correctly.

Nurse practitionerjobs in Canada

Primary duties: a nurse practitioner is a healthcare expert who helps uphold patients’ healthy. They often work in an immediate care setting to oversee a patient’s public health. They review a patient’s medical history, evaluate their current health requirements, and work to discourage infections.

Data scientistjobs in Canada

Primary duties: data scientists are specialists who specialize in data systems. They design new ways to store and collect large data sets. Their duties may contain creating data systems, designing mathematical models, and delivering a structure for a client’s data.

Actuaryjobs in Canada

Primary duties: an actuary is a specialist who uses mathematical reasoning to solve issues for clients. They use statistics and models to predict financial projections and risks. Their duties may include collecting data, reviewing company policy documents, and communicating their results with their clients.

Nurse manager

Primary duties: a nurse manager is a healthcare specialist who oversees a team of nurses. They may work in hospitals, private clinics, or long-term care facilities. Their duties contain managing a team of healthcare experts, developing nursing policies and protocols, and observing patients’ treatment and progress.


Primary duties: lawyers are experts who deliver legal advice and advice. They can work for characters directly, law firms, or country agencies. Their duties can vary relying on their legal thing, but common guilt can contain meeting with clients, offering legal advice, preparing legal documents, and showing issues in court.

Finance manager

Primary duties: finance managers manage the overall financial health of a company. Their duties may contain writing financial reports, preparing investments, and cooperating with leaders to design long-term economic methods for a business.

Marketing director

Primary duties: a marketing director is an expert who oversees a marketing team, project, or division. They manage a business’s marketing strategy from the initial investigation stage to the implementation and review stages. Their duties contain creating campaign calendars, controlling project budgets, and designing long-term strategic transaction methods.


Primary duties: a veterinarian is a medical specialist who delivers animal care. They meet with pet proprietors, evaluate animals’ health signs, and advise owners on proper pet care. They may also function in animal surgery and treat health disorders.

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