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It’s becoming increasingly complex, as the years go by, to describe my famous video games. Top 10 video games easy terms like “open world” and “first-person shooter” have lost much of their initial goal. “Turn-based strategy” isn’t doing all that much work anymore. Even “Metroidvania,” a portmanteau made specifically to denote a specific set of design tenets, often comes with a flood of asterisks, caveats, and parentheticals.


Last year’s Monster Hunter Rise was an amazing addition to the long-running franchise, and this summer’s growth, Sunbreak, built upon its concrete foundation to get new, more varied monsters to the title, alongside some very beautiful locations.

In our review, we criticized Sunbreak for secreting too much of its new stuff after old, familiar monsters. But that flaw doesn’t take away from the great gameplay added with Sunbreak’s variety of new moves and bosses. Rise’s great Wirebug gets some major advancements in the expansion, making mobility an even more important part of the war.


serial Cleaners hones in on my famous aspect of stealth games: the gratification of driving unseen through a space in which you don’t belong, but control power over. Players assume the role of a crew of misfit crime-scene cleansers marking the new year and reminiscing over their decade together disposing of bodies for the mob. Draw Space’s sequel to its 2017 stealth-action game Serial Cleaner is an advance on the authentic in every way, trading the simplified pop-art aesthetic and obtuse technicians for a 3D third-person view and art style influenced by the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the counterculture of the ’90s.


As a rare open-world first-person movement game out of Japan, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s structure handles a bit familiar, but its combat and environmental structure give it an identity few games can match.

Rarely has it been so fun to walk about Tokyo, looking at the world around you and removing the cores out of enemies while flailing your hands about in unique poses. It’s been more than six months since I’ve recreated the game, and I can still feel the “snap” effect when holding a core. It was a bit worrying when the game’s head left partway through the display, a


The sequel to 2017’s fantastic postapocalyptic Horizon Zero Dawn is already one of the year’s best. Horizon Forbidden West takes so much of what made the first game amazing and gives players more to work with: more settlements, weapons, and traversal options. It begins a bit slow, and can take a while to introduce some of its more innovative devices — but it gets better and more useful as you open more tools for your arsenal. By the end, Aloy can glide off mountains, swim the deepest seas, and explore American crossroads along the west coast. 

METAL: HELLINGER Top Video games

Come on, it’s Doom plus Guitar Hero! What’s not to like? The rhythm-based first-person shooter gives you a blade and a ton of loud guns, then tasks you with destroying a bunch of demons. Fundamentally, it plays a lot like the current Doom reboots, in that survival is contingent on continuous movement. If you want to deal any significant harm to foes, though, you’ll need to line up your shots with the second.

GRAN TURISMO 7 Top Video games

If you aren’t, at the very least, open to valuing cars, Gran Turismo 7 is not heading to make any effort to love you back. There’s a consensus that rare in video games this big and expensive, is a sense of zen focus that paradoxically encourages players to contend with it both briefly and deeply. That’s the magic of Gran Turismo, a franchise that drinks equally in the immediate pleasures of just bringing a car on the road, as well as the long-term joy of just evolving into a better driver, in tuning and enjoying every car you collect. Gran Turismo 7 is a hobbyist’s game, one that, more than most mainstream video games, places that the heart of any hobby is not what it brings to you, but what you get to it. 


This sequel to the cult hit A Plague Tale: Innocence puts the franchise in partnership with stealth heavy hitters like the Dishonored series. In Requiem, 15-year-old Amicia must once again creep and fight her way past warriors of the French Inquisition. She, her mother, and her friend Lucas are exploring a cure for her brother Hugo, who carries a blood curse known as the Macula. When he is concerned, the Macula curse floods entire cities with herds of rats that have a deadly epidemic.

STRAY Top Video games

That BlueTwelve Studio could successfully capture the heart of our most puzzling family of pets is a high achievement of its own. That the developer could also grapple catness into a dystopian tale in a vivid, forgotten city is another thing entirely. Stray could have performed with any protagonist. But with the year’s flight tabby star, it soars.

On an automatic level, Stray is a platformer with light exploratory and puzzle-solving aspects. There are points of danger, such as when the city’s throngs of invasive Zurks chase the feline protagonist down little alleys or over dangerous rooftops. And yes, the cat can die, in a video-game-soon-to-respawn sense.

THE QUARRY Top Video games

Developer Supermassive Games has cut out a space for itself by selling on horror tropes — its flight hit Until Dawn put a group of vacationing teenagers through the wringer in a small mountain cabin, a bad sanatorium, and an abandoned mine shaft, before the Dark Pictures collection jumped from a boat at sea to a creepy Midwestern spirit town to a desert tomb. And now we have The Quarry, a terrifying nature romp that touches on all of the corny traditions of one of America’s foremost horror settings: the sleep-away camp.


Warhammer 40,000: Darktide pits players against the infinite details of Chaos in the hive city of Tertium. The icons are a band of rejects — a Veteran, Ogryn, Psyker, and Zealot — who just barely escaped execution by the skin of their teeth, and now have to run via a sequence of Left 4 Dead-style missions to ensure ammunition, restart smelters, or fix the God-Emperor’s Wi-Fi.

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