Top 7 Shooters Games For PC/Andriod In 2023

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Playing Action Games on Steam Deck

Action games work particularly well on Valve’s high-powered Steam Deck handheld. Shooters Games For PC/Andriod after all, they hold best with buttons and posts, not a keyboard and mouse. As single-player affairs, you don’t have to stress about anti-cheat engines that render some competitive games unplayable on Deck. Short messy bursts of high-intensity gameplay feel amazing on the go, too. And the Steam Deck’s raw power means games can run with the high performance required for skillful play on harder difficulty levels. Multiple games on this list are Steam Deck verified, but be sure to check Valve’s compatibility tool before you complete a purchase.

Batman: Arkham City

The middle branch of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy does the best job balancing dense, brilliant-level design with an open-world Gotham City for the Caped Crusader to patrol. You’ll encounter recognizable villains, including Mr. Freeze, Hugo Unknown, and the union of Glooms. The game’s still-revolutionary combat system causes it to joy in tearing through groups of generic goons and henchmen.

Bayonetta-Shooters Games

Hideki Kamiya created the stylish, character-action game formula with the actual Devil May Cry. Alongside the crew at PlatinumGames, the notorious Twitter troll took the genre to new extremes with Bayonetta. You play as a sassy witch who sadistically slaughters angels with attacks gathered from her hair. Don’t let the ridiculous tone fool you. You must get the deep and varied combat system if you enjoy standing a chance (and look great while doing it).

Daemon X Machina-Shooters Games

Giant robots make everything better, and that contains video games. Daemon Ex Machina is a contemporary take on classic, mech action. You fight robotic foes on gorgeous, stylized battlefields with guns, missiles, and the few laser sword. Once one war ends, collect new gear from downed opponents and customize your mech for the following mission.

Darksiders III-Shooters Games

The original Darksiders was an awesome mashup of Zelda-style adventures, God of War-like combat, and adequate lore to put Doom to shame. The hellish heritage continues with Darksiders III, a game that sees you play as Fury, the Horsewoman of the Apocalypse. Taking motivation from recent Souls games, Darksiders III focuses on difficult battles with small enemy groups, rather than mindlessly killing huge hordes.

Devil May Cry 5-Shooters Games

Devil May Cry 5 produces the series to its roots behind Ninja Theory’s polarizing series reboot. Three heroes—Dante, Nero, and rookie V—offer considerably different combat styles to master as you destroy monsters. Powered by Capcom’s awesome RE Engine, the infernal devastation has never looked better. If you’re a longtime franchise fan, you’ll enjoy the steep challenges.

For Honor-Shooters Games

Underneath For Honor’s grim tone wins the heart of an excited child. This combat game is all about creating knights, Vikings, and samurai fighting each other, like hitting your favorite historical action sculptures together. Nevertheless, For Honor is far from brainless. Wielding these heavy melee weapons brings patience and design, as one wrong move spells your doom. Test your spirit in the solo drive or online multiplayer fights.

Ghost-Runner-Shooters Games

In this first-person, pirate, action game, you’ll leap around arenas as you cut down opponents with your katana. If you take one hit, however, you’re back to court one. The unforgiving discipline accomplishes always pairs well with the inherently disorienting first-person platforming and fighting controls, but when everything clicks there are few plays more enjoyable.

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