Best Online Earning Apps in Pakistan 2023

Best Online Money Making Apps in Pakistan

Online earning apps are a way to earn money online. A website, an online company, or one of the many other web-based shopping options accessible on the Internet.

They are all examples of activities that can be done online.

On the other hand, online earnings can be defined as earnings from using various internet-based resources like online trading apps, freelancing websites, etc.

How to make money online in Pakistan?

There are several ways to earn money online in Pakistan. Most of the students prefer online jobs due to unemployment in Pakistan. You can also earn money from Amazon in Pakistan.

Apart from this there are many ways like freelancing, youtube, blogging, affiliate marketing etc. To know more about this please visit how to earn money online in Pakistan.

10 Best Earning Apps in Pakistan


Up work



Spin and win free cash

Google Opinion Rewards

Daraze games

Opinion app

win money

Pom Pak


Fiver is an excellent professional working application and one of the fastest growing web hosting sites in Pakistan. If you are a student and struggling to increase your earnings.

So you can use this platform to design user-friendly programs and earn money online.

You will first need to develop a solid profile and gigs, then register by creating a number of posts for a job in which you are skilled and interested.

Your earning channel will start when you receive your first order. After that your gigs will start getting paid.


Upwork, originally known as ODesk, is a prominent and widely used freelancing program in Pakistan. It allows you to work from the comfort of your home and earn money online.

You can find jobs in your specialization whether you are a student, a working housewife, a working professional, or an older adult.

With one click, you can easily withdraw funds from your local banks.

It is one of Pakistan’s most comprehensive procurement applications, bringing together managers and consultants from around the world on one platform.


Have you ever considered creating an app that gives you cashback for online spending? no? Try to save.

It is an online shopping (best online shopping websites) app that has everything on its portal, including incredible discounts and bargains.

It makes internet shopping cheaper and faster for us, from restaurants to daily wear to groceries. The best part is that the more purchases you make through the app.

The higher cashback amount is applied to your account, which you can withdraw at any time. Isn’t this a fantastic app?

online earning app in pakistan

Zariklimi If you are looking for a side hustle to increase your online income, check out Zariklimi. It gives you five different ways to earn money through monetization.

Small tasks like watching videos, engaging on social media sites, subscribing to YouTube channels, or following profiles on TikTok or Instagram can earn you rewards. Although some services are not available in the app.

You can still make money using others in your spare time. You can withdraw money by bank transfer, PayPal, Transferor, or Pioneer once you reach your payment limit.

Earn Money Online 2022 Spin & Win Free Cash

Online Earning Apps in Pakistan

Spin and win free cash

Try this app to earn money online. By playing the game, you can earn real cash rewards, unlimited money and points. To earn fast money, all you have to do is spin the wheel and collect coins.

The bigger the finances, the more coins you will have. You can use this app to increase your income no matter where you are.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Working online and earning money in Pakistan is no longer a difficult task. This is made easy thanks to apps like Google Opinion Rewards. It allows you to earn money by doing internet surveys.

When you first sign up for the app, it will ask you a few questions about yourself before suggesting several surveys. You will receive $1.00 in credits for each survey.

Your opinion on logos, sales promotions, or trip plans may be the subject of the question.

Drawer games

Do you often use the Drawer app for shopping? Good news! If you are a drawer user you can play on the app and earn money.

On the drawer, there are Rs 1 games where you can get 10% payback and get some things arrangements and limits.

You can also enter their lucky draw to get huge discounts by playing the game.

Opinion APP (Triaba)

Opinion app

This, Opinion app allows you to earn money by participating in online surveys. You must quickly complete the survey to earn money online from the comfort of your home.

It also pays you to express your point of view. For every online survey you complete, you will receive $0.13 to $3.25.

Win money app

Jeeto Paisa is the first augmented reality gaming and social messaging app in Pakistan. This is a good app for Pakistanis who want to earn real money online.

Uses augmented reality to connect you to your environment and allows you to earn points by finding hidden treasures.

Real money earning games in Pakistan

These games are available in three languages: English, Urdu and Punjabi. And through this program, you can connect with your friends and family in the same way.

Which can make gaming more fun and natural. If you have a lot of reward points you can earn weekly mega rewards.

Pom Pak

PomPak is not a money making program. Instead, it teaches you how to manage your finances. It is a video game in which you have to go through various challenges while making financial decisions.

State Bank of Pakistan made people earn money. And has started a program to teach how to save.

After completing the game on this app you will get financial literacy certificate from State Bank of Pakistan. This is one of the best apps that are not widely known.

Earn money online in Pakistan by games

Apart from these apps, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn. And can also earn money using YouTube. To sell your services and reach a larger audience.

These apps require you to provide constant content. Consistently high-quality content makes you the richest over the years. The most famous can do.

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