Body Weight Exercise

As we get older, we start to recognize we’re not a strong as we used to be … or as flexible. And we realize that we don’t have as much pep as we utilized to have, either. And we wonder: What’s the best yet safest way I can get back in shape — and enhance my overall health? Good news: The health and fitness experts at Harvard Medical School have the answer you’re looking for: The start-slow-and-easy workout routines that use your own body weight to support your whole body — ways that offer a wealth of better health and more pep in your step.

They’re all in Harvard’s Special Health Report Body-Weight Exercise, along with easy-to-follow tips and how-to photos. And more good news: you can easily do these feel-younger exercises at home and adjust them to your fitness level. And there’s simply no tools necessary to get great results.

You’ll notice certain differences when you start one of these body-weight routines — like having more energy, being able to lift things more easily, seeing some defi­nition in your muscles, and possibly even losing some pounds or inches.

And then there are the differences that you can’t see—like stronger bones, low­er blood pressure, and your body’s improved ability to manage blood sugar. Even short workouts will help you build whole-body fitness … improve your balance … enhance your mobility … and more.

Step-by-step, the routines in the Body-Weight Exercise Special Health Report guide you to a fitter, younger body. For example, you’ll discover:

  • How to strengthen your hip muscles to help prevent knee pain and make walking easier.
  • The easy-on-the-joints cardio interval workout that builds endurance as it strengthens your core.
  • The lunge activity that will help keep you strong and agile, making it easier to pick things up from the floor.
  • The squat workout that helps improve your balance, stability, posture, and power.
  • How to make it more leisurely to twist and bend sideways with our 1-2-3-4 exercise.
  • The small ab-engaging movement that helps support your lower back.
  • The core-strengthening exercise you can do modeling down

 PLUS: You’ll get a bonus balance workout to protect you from injuries … a quick 3-minute interval workout to help give you a quick energy boost … stretches to help loosen muscles and joints … and a motivational Special Section to help you keep your fitness routines going strong. And if you are concerned about a health condition like arthritis, diabetes or heart disease, you’ll be glad to know that our fitness specialists share special tips and advice to help you reap health benefits safely.

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